Top 5 Creative Side Hustles for Young People

Top 5 Most Creative Side Hustles for Young People

Whether you are looking for ways to make money, trying to boost your savings or work your way out of debt, side hustles can help you achieve your goal. Although side hustling can be done by anyone, it works best for those who are looking for some extra cash, to have fun, and possibly kick start an entirely new career. Surprisingly, there are side hustles out there for young people, so if you’re young, in college or have less experience, there is still an opportunity out there for you. Here are the top 5 most creative side hustles for young people we’ve seen so far:


  1. Use your voice. According to the freelance website, voice acting was one of their fastest growing fields in 2015. Even if you have never acted in a play before, this could be your big break into the world of acting. Augusta, Georgia repairman, Chris Hardy, loved doing cartoon voices as a child. When he stumbled upon, he created listings for his voice acting gigs. For a mere five bucks, a person could purchase an audio file of his various voices, which ranged from Elmo to SpongeBob. Now, he makes over $100,000.00 a year for his talent.
  1. Be paid to be a virtual bridesmaid. Why should a bride stress over her big day when she can fawn off the planning duties on a total stranger? The website lets virtual bridesmaids pick up wedding planning tasks – and some extra cash along the way. The top performers on the site earn an extra $2000+ each month for their work.
  1. Become an Amazon Affiliate. These days, it seems like everyone has a blog. Why not put that blog to work for you? There is a guy in our local bowling league who works as an electrician and handyman. Originally, he started a blog to teach people how to fix things. At the same time, he signed up for a free Amazon Affiliate account. At the end of each blog post, he lists the exact tools he used to get the job done, along with a direct link to Amazon where the item can be purchased. Now, whenever a person clicks on the link and buys ANYTHING from Amazon, he earns a commission on what they bought. Blogging can be a gold mine.
  1. Create your own online community. Nicole Emerick originally started her blog, Ms. Career Girl, as a creative outlet. The blog provided (and still does!) career advice to new college grads. It wasn’t long before it became a profitable business. Eventually, she sold the site for a profit, while remaining on as a contributor, and used the experience she gained to launch a new career as a social media strategist.
  1. Google will pay you to…Google. Have you ever run a search online and come up with some strange results? When you work as a search engine evaluator, you can devote your spare time to improving the effectiveness of search engines. Companies, like Appen Butler Hill or LeapForce, will pay an average of $13 an hour just for you to goof off online.

Do you have a creative side hustle that we didn’t mention here? Share your secret to success with the Young and Finance us in the comments section below!