About Us

Young and Finance is an online community dedicated to providing personal finance for young people. We also aim to help young adults, young professionals, entrepreneurs, single mothers and anyone who is interested in taking their personal finances to the next level through saving, investing and planning for their future. We will discuss topics such as different methods of saving money, paying off debt, saving for retirement through IRAs, 401ks and more.

Unfortunately, personal finance usually isn’t taught to you in middle school, high school or colleges. The world of personal finance can become so overwhelming at times so our goal is to make this topic as understandable as possible. However, we are unable to do this without YOU sharing your personal experiences, challenges you’ve overcame, tips you’ve learned along the way and without you sharing an encouraging word.

Also, this site isn’t just for the “young generation” also known as “millennials” but it is for those of you who are tired of being on the merry go round of “broke” or the hamster wheel of “just enough”. With our ever changing economy, it is wise to learn as much as possible about your personal finances. Unfortunately, you just can’t “set and forget” your money as if it’s some George Foreman grill…lol. Therefore, we include personal finance tips for individuals in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, middle school, high school…you name it lol.

We aim to promote personal finance for young people.