How to Save Money for a Wedding – Use a Wedding Savings Account

6 Ways on How to Save Money for a Wedding

While your wedding will be one of the most special days of your life, you don’t want to spend the rest of your life paying for it. An elaborate wedding can quickly shift your finances into the red zone, but it is possible to reduce the cost of your traditional wedding without skimping on the romance. Remember that, in the end, your wedding is a celebration of the love you have for your partner – the rest is just details. Learn how to save money for a wedding.

how to save money for a wedding - wedding savings account


Here are five creative methods for cutting the cost of your lavish wedding

  1. The Reception

For most areas, May through August is peak wedding season. If you decide to hold your wedding reception during the off season months, you can save thousands on vendor fees. Likewise, skip the Saturday wedding. This is typically the most in-demand day of the week for wedding receptions and when vendors’ rates are the highest.

Look for a location where you can hold your ceremony and reception in the same location. Doing so will significantly reduce the travel time for vendors that you pay by the hour.

  1. The Flowers

Flowers are one of the single biggest wedding expenditures. To save money, opt for bigger tables that require fewer tablecloths and centerpieces. Create centerpieces that feature more greenery and baby breaths than flowers, and forgo the expensive flowers for flowers that are in season. For example, did you know that sunflowers can be three times as expensive as roses? Stick to just one or two kinds of flowers, and don’t forget to incorporate nonfloral items, like driftwood or seashells when possible.

  1. The Cake

Rather than ordering a towering mass of confectionary sugar, consider ordering a simpler one or two tier cake instead. A larger sheet cake, hidden inside the kitchen, can be used as a supplement. Don’t be tempted by exotic fillings, like mango. Guests will most enjoy flavors that they are familiar with, and keep your add-ons simple.

  1. Rent – Don’t Buy

Instead of purchasing an off the rack, designer gown, consider renting a gown or purchasing a used gown and have it professionally altered. Since your wedding dress is an item that you’ll only be wearing once, there isn’t a need to spend an enormous amount of money on it. Similarly, if you’re open to alternative ideas, you can do away with the traditional gown altogether and choose something different, like a retro themed cocktail dress.

  1. Cut the Guest List

The quickest and most efficient method of saving money on your wedding is to slash the guest list. Not only will this cut down on catering costs, but it will also save money on invitations and even centerpieces. Because it is your wedding, only the people you really care about should be there. If your parents’ friends or your manicurist feels slighted, don’t let it bother you. Keep the guest list small, and you’ll have a more intimate, meaningful wedding that you’ll love.

6. Wedding Savings account

Last but not least, open a wedding savings account. You will have to find a way to pay for all of this lovely stuff so start setting money aside as soon as possible. Both you and your fiancé can have money directly placed in the savings account and only touch it to pay for wedding expenses. This a great way to save for your wedding.

Do you have any ingenious tips for saving money on a wedding? Let the Young and Finance Community know what tips and tricks you’ve picked